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Lyrical Love

This post is pure indulgent romantica. I am just so digging Beyonce's evolution of love right now. Let's take a stroll "back down memory lane" (another great song, but we'll talk about that another time). Now I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't really a fan of Jay Z and Beyonce as a couple in the beginning. I thought he was too gangster and she was too elegant. But as time went on, they kind of grew on me. And now I'm totally rooting for their love to last. Let me explain why I get such a rush out of this couple.

It all started as just a wild, lusty, danceable groove. As soon as the horns sounded, a herd of heels rushed the dance floor. It was a time of hair-shaking, shoulder-shimmying abandon. Who knew or cared if it would last, it was fun! The world was "Crazy In Love".

Then, wait, it became more than just crazy love. Things started getting a little serious and Beyonce was no longer just another one. The reigning hip hop player claimed her as his girlfriend. Remember riding along with them in "Bonnie and Clyde Me and My Girlfriend"?

Even in the best of relationships, it's not all satin and lace, moon and stars. Things can get a little rocky, especially in the areas of communication. It's really bad/sad when you're not at home in your own home. Sometimes you feel like you're banging your head against the wall just trying to get the person you love to "Listen"!

So things progressed. Beyonce made it clear that no man is "Irreplaceable". She was not just some plaything to be forever propped upon the arm and taken out from time to time like delicate eye candy. The fact is, if you liked it you should have "Put A Ring On It". Risky my ladies? Yes. But did it work? Oh yes it did. Once you realize your worth, a man can't help but acknowledge it too, that is, if he wants to stay around and not have his stuff neatly packed in a box "to the left". lol

And what happened next? You know the story. And it's my favorite part. Forget the money, wealth, fame, jewelry, and travel. Oh we'd never turn all of that down, at least I wouldn't. But deep inside what do most of us want from that special someone? Put our love first. Beyonce said it all in the joyfully triumphant "Love On Top"! It makes me smile each time I hear it. Go Beyonce. I love your style and love your story.

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