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The Locals Count Too!

Photo on the left courtesy of Sean Raygood and Photo on the right courtesy of Jonathan Sharpe

We all flood out to the national elections and this is a good thing. We have a right to want to participate in electing the person that will serve as the leader of the most powerful nation in the free world. We know that our country will be led by this person for the next four, and possibly eight, years and we want to take a part.

Today I want to remind you to make sure you take that same fervent urgency to the polls tomorrow. Most states will be having some sort of local elections on November 5, 2013. Granted, these are not the big sexy, flashy elections that make the media swoon. Normally you only know about it from short blurbs on the evening news or from those "to the current occupant" letters that a lot of the candidates themselves send out.

But a statement that a candidate made on a radio talk show the other day really gave me pause. He said that while the President does many great things for our country, it is the local politicians that more so affect our day-to-day lives. They are the ones who make the decisions that will affect our water, sewage, trash collection regulations, and many other things. So it is really important for us all to get out and vote in our local city and county elections.

Please go out and vote for your candidates of choice. With that being said I wanted to share this map I found. It's really neat. You just click on the link here, put in your address and it will give you the district you are in, as well as who your representatives currently are for the South Carolina House, South Carolina Senate, and the Columbia Councilmembers. The elections tomorrow, according to the City of Columbia website are to elect a mayor and three councilmembers.

Let's make sure all of our friends have this information. And be sure to let us know your experience at the new and improved polls. It promises to be a much more organized affair. Exercise your right to vote because you deserve it. Thank you.

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