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You've Got To Know When To Fold 'Em!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of USATSI

On November 5, 2013, NFL Denver Bronco lineman John Moffitt sent out a tweet that was quite startling in this economy. He announced that after three years, he was going to leave football and all its glory. It's interesting that he would leave one of the big three cash cows (baseball and basketball being the other two) of sports.

When you look at the economy right now, everyone is hustling to try to make an extra buck. So many companies that have been around for years are closing their doors. This is only adding to the swelling lines at unemployment offices, many of which are facing dire budgetary concerns themselves and reducing benefit amounts.

Advocates are fighting tooth and nail to get the minimum wage raised to an actual livable wage. Many states are even having to reduce the benefit amounts of their WIC (Women, Infant, and Children) programs. These programs help provide milk and nutrition for pregnant women and/or their children in families that cannot afford it on their own.

Plain and simple, just about everyone you meet needs more money. Enter John Moffitt and the fact that he is walking away from a six-figure salary. Although most of us would do cartwheels over the moon to have a yearly salary one-third of that amount, there is a big part of what he is doing that is understandable.

Yes, playing in the NFL can involve injuries, fear of injuries, and time away from family. John Moffitt mentioned all of the above concerns in passing, but the first and foremost statement that he made is that "I just really thought about it and decided I'm not happy".

Wow. In this society where money is that elusive, almost revered entity that we sometimes so desperately seek, John Moffitt's statement is utterly refreshing. When something to which you are devoting your life ceases to bring you enjoyment, it is time to go. Granted we must keep a roof over our heads, but it can be done.

We spend, on average, 40 hours per week out of our lives working. That's too much time to be unhappy. John Moffitt is setting an example that no matter how crazy people might think you are for walking away, you must do what brings you happiness. Don't just run screaming out of the door today and leave yourself with no income stream, but start socking something away, pray about it, make your plans and you'll find yourself smiling a little more each day. Thanks for the reminder John Moffitt and we wish you the best.

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