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Mitt Romney...Who are you???

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is beginning to wear a little thin on me. It seems like all he ever does anymore is present himself as an agent for PresidentBarack Obama. That’s right, I said it. He is like an undercover mole working to make sure that President Obama’s name is mentioned so much that when people walk into the voting booth, that’s all they will remember is President Obama’s name, and therefore, awash in a sense of familiarity, vote accordingly.

I was really happy to have finally found a recent article highlighting Mitt Romney’s platform. Sad to say though that the very first sentence in the article read ” Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign is focused on reversing President Obama’s economic policies.” Mr. Mitt Romney, the time has come, at this late stage in the Presidential election process for you to quit the bullying tactics. Bullying might seem a harsh word, but that is exactly what you’re doing.

Imagine, if you will, a young child on a playground. There is something wrong, different, unpleasant, unique, or maybe special about him. Different doesn’t always equal bad. For whatever reason, this child does not want people noticing this particular thing about him. What’s the easiest way to distract anyone from noticing or questioning something about you? You’ve got it…deflect attention, preferably negative, onto them.

There is nothing cute about a grown man showing out every time he makes a speech. He’s always saying we’ve got to get rid of President Obama, President Obama shouldn’t do this, or President Obama shouldn’t do that. Please stop those whiny child moves. Man up and quit hiding behind the legendary President Barack Obama.

Here’s how your scene should play out, and Action: Enter the room, walk to the podium, graciously acknowledge the crowd and begin speaking. “If elected, I Mitt Romney will ____________, I will _____________, and I promise to do my best to ______________. Thank you and God Bless the United States of America.” You fill in the blanks Mr. Romney. There, doesn’t that feel much better?

If people want to hear what President Barack Obama’s plans are, they will attend his speeches and rallies. However, if someone takes time out of their busy schedule to attend a Mitt Romney campaign speech, please give them the common courtesy of presenting your own platform dreams, ideas and hopes for crying out loud. Thank you very much.

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