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My Stomach Sank Just A Little

“My stomach sank just a little”. These were the words spoken by a pastor Wednesday evening after President Barack Obama infamously became the first sitting American President to support same-sex marriage. I have to admit that these words also come very close to describing the tightening feeling knotted in my own gut the moment I heard the President’s interview. I’ll tell you why.

Every since I first heard of Barack Obama, I have been a fan. I was thrilled when he became the first black President of the United States of America. Up until that time, it’d seemed like a pipe dream that those of my generation could always strive for, but probably not live to see. This proved that in America maybe anything is actually possible. To remember the thrill this country, even the whole world, felt when President Obama was elected, revel in these inauguration day photos for an awe-inspiring trip back down memory lane.

I’m sorry to say that for the first time I’m really so disappointed in my President. Yes everyone has a right to their own opinions and President Obama did make perfectly clear he was expressing his “personal” opinion on same-sex marriage. The main difference is that when you or I express our personal opinion, it is perceived as just that. If I say that I am expressing my personal opinion, no one automatically thinks that I am expressing the views of WordPress, Blogger, or The Examiner.

But right or wrong, when the President of the greatest country on earth expresses an opinion, it is perceived by the rest of the world as what “America” thinks. Hard though it may be for us to fathom over here, there are still many countries where democracy is a word in a textbook. Nothing more than a theory or ideal. Too many nations still live under the rule of a dictator who is not removed by election, but by the next dictator bad enough and strong enough to oust him/her by force and take over.

To these nations, it is almost inconceivable that people could have or express opinions differing from those of their leader. When they hear a sitting United States President make a statement, they don’t just hear his “personal” opinion. They oftentimes hear this as the voice of America. They feel this statement is representative of the whole of the citizenry of the USA.

For this reason my stomach, too, sank just a little. I hope I’m wrong, but it felt almost like the beginning of the end. Because President Barack Obama is a Christian, I can’t help but wonder if this statement wasn’t just a little forced from the pressures of trying to please all demographics? We all know that no President will ever please all demographics, so it’s better to go with what you believe in. Why should it matter? Because I believe it sends out the wrong message to the world. Countries that don’t even like us, respect us because we stand fast on what we believe. And we should never as a God-fearing nation send out the message that our country is backing same-sex marriage. We may allow it, but the voice of our nation can’t be heard saying it all over the world. Not as long as our money is printed and spread worldwide with the words “In God We Trust”.

I love the first family and their love. Who can forget President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama waxing a tender, but fun-loving waltz to the timeless strains of “At Last”. Remember this photo from Grio? Ahhhhh. Civil unions between same-sex partners are one thing, but this is what marriage looks like. What say you?

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