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That's What Friends Are For

Our Daily Bread had a very interesting devotion today on Friendship. (1 Samuel 23:14-18. The Matthew Henry Commentary: "The very sight of Jonathan was reviving to David; but, besides this, he said that to him which was very encouraging. 1. As a pious friend, he directed him to God, the foundation of his confidence and the fountain of his comfort: He strengthened his hand in God. David, though a strong believer, needed the help of his friends for the perfecting of what was lacking in his faith; and herein Jonathan was helpful to him, by reminding him of the promise of God, the holy oil wherewith he was anointed, the presence of God with him hitherto, and the many experiences he had had of God’s goodness to him. Thus he strengthened his hands for action, by encouraging his heart, not in the creature, but in God. **Jonathan was not in a capacity of doing any thing to strengthen him, but he assured him God would.**

Have you ever regretted that you didn't have the material resources to help a friend desperately in need? Well do all that you can to help, but remember also that even just showing up and/or praying for/with them can be the greatest gifts of encouragement because it releases them to the ONE who can do for them what you and the world (for all your good intentions) cannot. Be good to your friends and may your friends be good to you. :)

Have a Blessed day.

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