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Senators' Hard Hearts: An American Farce

President Obama comforts Newtown families.

Photo Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Shame, Shame, Shame on the Senate of the United States of America. Against the hard brick wall of partisan blocking, President Obama brought out the big "guns" (so to speak) of almost the only thing sure to turn hearts of stone into human hearts: the eyes of those who had lost loved ones in the Newtown Massacre. And believe it or not, the Senate didn't blink. They stood their ground against all reason. Read, and please remember come election time, how your Senator voted. Did he/she vote in a way that really represents what you believe in?

The Senate trampled through the salty puddles of tears from the combined families with weak excuses like:

Everyone has a right to bear arms: True, but only military and law enforcement really have a need for military assault type weaponry. What bad would come from this ban? I mean honestly what good reason would the ordinary person have for using one?

Expanded background checks would be a hardship on law abiding citizens: Come on, people go through rigorous background, drug, and 45 minute psychological screenings everyday to get minimum wage jobs. If you have no bad intentions in buying your gun, you won't mind a little inconvenience.

Increased gun control won't stop gun violence completely: Like one gun control proponent said on the news that's ludicrous poppycock! Strict laws against murder and other felonies don't stop all murder and robberies, but that doesn't stop us from putting those laws in place in the hopes that it might deter a few. People who want drugs are going to find a way to get drugs, but that doesn't prevent the common sense move of having strict drug laws in place. Are these Senators for real?

I am so glad we have the power of the vote and I hope the Senate doesn't continue to play these power games. Surely the thrill/joys of one-up-manship isn't worth it in these trying times. Remember this isn't a game about beating the President, it's about doing what's best for the lives and safety of your constituents; the ones whose best interests you took an oath to represent. I think the courageous Gabrielle Giffords made some extremely valid points when she expressed her disappointment, and she should know. Read the President's response in its entirety here.

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